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NEWLY LISTED (Not on Full Booklist Yet)

  Newly Listed (Not on Full Booklist Yet)          
REF Title Date Author Pub Price ISBN
gc42 Diversities of Gifts : Westminster Conference 1980 1980 Various WC 1.50 n
b120 Luther The Reformer : Story of the man and his career 1989 J M Kittelson IVP 3.00 9780851106663
b121 But Now I See: Life of Newton 1998 J Bull BOT 1.95 9780851517421
b122 Asahel Nettleton 1996 BT & A Bonar BOT 2.25 9780851517018
b123 Howell Harris and the Dawn of Revival 1987 R Bennett EPW 2.00 185049035X
b124 Robert Murray M’Cheyne 1962 A Bonar BOT 1.50 9780851510859
b125 Martyn Lloyd-Jones : A Family Portrait 1995 C Catherwood KING 2.00 9780860658160
b126 Robert Bruce 1961 D C Macnicol BOT 1.00 n
b127 Glory Billy Bray : Cornish Miner and the Kings Son 1989 F W Bourne AMBA 1.00 0907927483
b128 John Owen : Prince of Puritans 1996 A Thompson CFP 2.50 9781857922677
c120 I Will’s of the Psalms 1985 P B Power BOT 3.00 0851514456
c126 Union and Communion :Thoughts on Song on Solomon nd J H Taylor M&S 1.75 n
gt57 The Last Things 1989 P Helm BOT 1.25 08151515444
gt58 The Work of the Holy Spirit 1972 O Winslow BOT 1.25 9780851511528
gc43 Among The Soviet Evangelicals 1986 S Nesdoly BOT 1.25 0851514898
gw142 I Will’s of Christ 1984 P B Power BOT 3.00 0851514294
gw143 Steps for Guidance 1995 P Masters WAK 1.25 9781870855198
gw144 Golden Booklet of the Christian Life 1998 J Calvin BAK 1.25 9780801023668
gw145 The Roots of True Faith 1992 W Guthrie GP 1.25 9780946462285
gs5 Geese in their Hoods 1977 C H Spurgeon WHP 2.50 0936714171
gs9 12 Sermons on the Resurection 1976 C H Spurgeon BBH 2.00 0801079675
p27 Praying Always 1995 F Bakker BOT 1.25 978085151144
p28 The Intercession of Christ 1998 J Bunyan CH 1.75 9781857924121
gp1 The Forty Days : Penc u/l Reading copy only 1960 G R King HEW 0.75 n
gc44 Restoration of the Church: Reports of Revivals 1989 Various CFP 2.00 0871676029
g151 Kept for the Masters Use nd F R Havergal JN 1.00 n
C67 The Song of Solomon 1977 G Burrowes BOT 8.50 0851511570
C69 Expository Thoughts on the Gospels Luke Ch 1-10 1956 J C Ryle JC&Co 3.50 n
GW168 Watching the Cross 1926 J D Jones H&S 4.95 n
GW169 The Works of Thomas Brooks vol 5 only 1867 T Brooks JN 2.00 n
GW170 The Reformed Pastor: some Penc u/l 1955 R Baxter EP 3.00 n
GP17 Moses the Servant of God   F B Meyer M&S 3.50 n
B160 God’s Work God’s Way: Mem. James Stephens M.A. 1934 Wilmot /Stephens HRC 4.00 n


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