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SONG OF SOLOMON : James Durham

John Owen wrote a commendatory letter (printed in this commentary) speaking highly of this work.
C H Spurgeon said " Durham is always good, and he is at his best upon the Canticles. He gives the essence of the good matter. For practical use this work is perhaps more valuable than any other Key to the Song."
Durham treats this Song as an allegory of Christ and the Church. I find that this is a great commentary to read devotionally as it is full of Christ and our relationship to Him.
This is not a dry technical commentary in any way.
This Banner book is at present out print so only available on the second hand market. If you see it, buy it, read it, for it will do your soul good.
Please note that the dust jacket pic at Anobii is different on this copy as they have the later reprint covers and not this 1st Banner of Truth printing.
Just added to my "for sale Booklist" but not yet appearing in the file above
Also coming
John Gill  : Song of Solomon
John Calvin : Sermons Timothy and Titus
William Greenhill : Ezekiel
Richard Rogers : Judges
John Calvin :  Sermons on Dueteronmy
© Jeff Maxwell 2010

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  1. […] could also mention Robert Murray McCheyne, James Durham, Samuel Rutherford and Wilhelmus à Brakel as other godly Christians who espoused the allegorical […]



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