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JOHN 3 v 16

Verse For Today For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. John 3 v16

This is perhaps the best known text in the Bible, most people have heard of it.

It has three characters in it.

1. “God” : Not the God of our imagination but God who is clearly defined as to His  Nature and Character in the Whole of the Bible.

2 The “Son” : That is the Son of God, Jesus Christ, the Saviour. The Sent one, of the same essence and nature with the Father, who willingly came as the Lamb of God to take away the Sin of the World.

3. The “Whosoever” : This includes everyone, Jew and Gentile, Bond and Free, YOU and I, everyone one, without distinction or qualification.

It Shows a Motivating Factor.

God “So Loved the World”

“So” …  denotes to an infinite degree..God loved.. Freely, without reserve on his part or merit on ours.

“Loved” … a Sacrificing Love..  Love in action.. a Love all Transcending.

the “World” … not the fabric primarily*,  but Sinful mankind in particular, US, you and I, all men, women and children.

It shows the result of that “Love”

“He (God)…Gave” .. Proof of His Love, by giving His Son, a gift of infinite greatness, of infinite extent, “GAVE” …. spared not His Son even unto death on the cross.

It shows the Result of the Son’s coming.

“not Perish” …. the possibility of our punishment being fulfilled, by God being satisfied with the vicarious sacrifice of His Son.
“Everlasting Life” … never ending, and of a different quality from the life we now live.
A never ending Life in the Presence and Fellowship of God and His Son Jesus Christ with a new Spiritual Body dwelling in Righteousness.

It Shows how we receive this Gift.

“believeth in Him” …has a real, lively Faith, Trust, Dependence on Him. Not merely a mental assent to certain facts but a Faith which is the gift of God, a result of His regenerating work in us making it possible for us to live by Faith.

So here is God’s Gift, here is His Love, here is His Son’s Sacrifice : HAVE YOU RECEIVED IT AND EMBRACED HIM?

*See Romans 8 v 22 God loves and delivers the physical world as well.

© Jeff Maxwell 2010


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