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This is  great Hymn that speaks well of our saviour.
William Gadsby was a Baptist preacher who started preaching at Bedworth. He then preached more often at a barn in Hoggs Lane, Hinckly. Eventually the people built a chapel for him and another at Desford; he preached at both each Lord’s day. At the age of 32 he became Pastor of Back Lane Chapel, (now Rochdale Road) Manchester. He Ministered there for 38 years and wrote approximately 157 hymns.
Immortal honours rest on Jesus’ head,
My God, my portion, and my living bread;
In him I live, upon Him cast my care;
He saves from death, destruction and despair.
He is my refuge in each deep distress,
The Lord my strength and glorious righteousness.
Through floods and flames He gently leads me on,
And daily makes His sovereign goodness known.
O that my heart could love and praise Him more
His beauties trace, his majesty adore.
Live near His heart, upon Him cast my care,
Obey His voice and all His will esteem.
William Gadsby 1773-1844


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