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Holiday Tuesday

Yesterday it was dry from the start and we took a trip into Turo for a couple of hours. I went and searched for two bookshops and found them both. The first had one or two books I might  have been interested but seemed far too expensive, for example one rather used, acceptable book on the net for from £4 was priced at £26.  The other shop was small and had moved slightly since I was last here had nothing of interest for me. Incidentally the other day I picked up a good copy of Paxton Hood’s Christmas Evans, a very early copy.

We then spent the rest of the day in St Ives, it was sunny and very pleasant. The bookshop in the Countess of Huntington Church in Fore street is well worth a visit and the coffee is nice to. I looked at the book “An appreciation of John Calvin”, but at nearly £27 I’ll wait till I can find a “very good” second hand one.

 We had fish and chips overlooking the harbour before making our way down towards Penzance, past St Michael’s Mount, into Helston and back towards Falmouth. Most of the way back from Helston we saw beautiful part rainbow with very vivid colours always not far in front of us.

Back at the campsite the owner of caravan told us there was a complete rainbow fully visible.

 The rainbow is a symbol of the Lord’s goodness to us, he promised never to flood the earth and destroy it again with water. This reminds us that the Lord’s promises are always trustworthy and can be absolutely relied upon. The rainbow also reminds me that while the Lord will not destroy the earth with water He, will at His appointed time, burn and destroy the earth with fire and there shall be a new Heaven and a new Earth wherein dwells righteousness.

 The big question is whether or not we are ready for that new Heaven and Earth, are we clothed with the righteousness of Christ or do we still have our own filthy rags about us. The imputed righteousness of Christ is God’s free gift that comes with Salvation in Christ Jesus without it we cannot be fit for the new Heaven and Earth and could and would not enjoy if we could sneak in, which of course we cannot ever do.


© Jeff Maxwell 2010



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