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Holiday Friday


Today we went to the coast nearby, to Mylor and Flushing, both small but busy villages within the boats and leisure industry. Mylor was used by the Navy in days gone by and was the base for HMS Ganges in the late 1800’s. This was a training ship which worked with a tough regime which would not be tolerated today.

After this went went into Falmouth and had a late, steak lunch in an eating house overlooking the harbour. We walked around the town and I visited a local art exhibition in the large Methodist Church in the square which had nothing that really caught my eye as outstanding.

In the evening back at the caravan I had some tender lamb chops and bread which made lovely super. After checking the Computer for mail and looking at some other sites I collated one of the books I bought it has a long title…

The Self Explanatory History & Life Of Our Blessed Lord  And Saviour, Jesus Christ, In Which Is Contained A Copious Display Of Parallel Texts, Exhibiting The Harmony Of The Old & New Testaments, Relative To The Saviour Of The World by Thomas Brown 1814

This is one of the rarer lives of Christ, at least on the market today, and it is complete with the text block in great condition although the binding needs refurbishment or replacement. This copy has two plates for the prodigals return, one dated 1814 and the other 1816 which seems to be an extra one inserted with the other one. This is possible as the book was issued in 60 parts at 8d each over perhaps just over a year and then bound by the owners and then bound copies were sold by the publisher.

So a Life of Christ and the prodigals return brings me to consider why Jesus Christ came into the world, which was to seek and to save that which was lost, and the prodigals return being a wonderful Biblical example of the Sinner returning to the Father. Have you ever felt you were a lost sinner and known the weight, the burden of those sins? Have you ever come to the end of yourself not knowing how to deal with those sins? Have you ever come to such desperation as the prodigal? whose physical condition speaks of his true spiritual condition.

The answer to these sins and this condition can be found in the Life of Christ. Especially in his sacrificial death on the cross at Calvary. John Owen wrote a book called the Death of Death in the Death of Christ which explains clearly how the death of Christ can mean the end of Spiritual death (the result of our Sins) and a completely new life in Christ. If this concerns you please Email me.

© Jeff Maxwell 2010


4 Responses

  1. Mine has a list of other books by publisher on the last page which shows that this was issued in 60 parts at 8d each. Mine has two title pages, an ornate one, and a plain text one both are dated 1814 I expect that they changed the date on the plain one each year to produce all the dates that have sale records. I have not read the book yet so cannot comment on its contents, spiritual nature, faithfulness, literary merit etc. As I said in the text above mine has two plates on the Prodigal’s Return one dated 1814 and the other 1816. My Copy of the book (1814) was published by Richard Evans 8 White Row Spitafield while all the others I have found details of were published by T Kelly.
    As I said my binding is poor but as I am a bookbinder I can address this.The text block is really tidy and firm. I paid £10 for it and two other volumes (of 3) which was a History of the Churches by a Clerrgyman dated 1771 in a junk shop. Trust this will be of some help to you, if you find any further info please let me know.
    Christian greetings
    Jeff Maxwell


  2. Hi Tim,
    I have failed to find anything about Thomas Brown the author. Graham York Rare Books (ABA) have a1820 reprint for sale at £75 but it lacks four plates (Addall.com). Amazon UK have sold several in the past dated 1818 1819 1822 1824 1830 1834 but I have no details of condition or price. There is a list of plates at the rear of the book to check collating. I have not found another dated 1814 like mine but the World catalouge has three listed 1815 1826 and 1830.


  3. Hi – I have just purchased a copy of The Self Explanatory History and Life of our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ (1815) at a charity shop on the Isle of Wight and was googling the title to find out more about it. Your website came up so I wondered if you can tell me any more about it.



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