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Counting the days then the hours until we depart for far off places is an occupation many enjoy.

The edge is often taken off the enjoyment by all the things one has to cram into the short time before the day actually comes. Wives with families, especially young ones, (and often with those not so young), have much planning , washing of clothes and packing, arranging for life to go on while away, caring for pets and plants, and endless choosing of what clothes, shoes, and accessories, they themself are going to take. If going self catering or camping at home or abroad then there is even more to do.

With todays hectic life we all need times of holiday and relaxation, refreshment for our bodies and minds. We need to rebuild our strength, shake of the weariness of everyday activities, recharge our batteries for the coming season whether we do it at home or abroad. For women it is often easier to do this away from the normal surroundings and responsibilities as left in their normal situations they find it impossible to relax and set things aside for the time of relaxation.

Husbands and wifes have a duty of care towards one another to see that stress is relieved and the body and mind is refreshed and life is not too burdensome. One of the ways to do this is to have a break away from it all. Often, when we do this, others have to stand in the gap and bear some of the burden, children can be left with family, pets with friends, houses in the care of neighbours, secular work is divided among the others or put in abeyance, Church responsibilities fall on other shoulders. Everything is covered and taken care of in a systematic and orderly way and that is quite right and proper.

BUT we are spiritual beings not just bodies and minds. With this in mind I have too ask the question as to what provision do we make for the spiritual side of us. We can be so pre-occupied with the physical, the enjoyment of the break, the rest and relaxation, the absence of pressure and the constraints of time, that we forget or overlook the necessity of caring for the Spiritual side.

The Word in one place says ” Make no provision for the flesh” Rom. 13:14 in the context of avoiding sin, BUT I am enjoining “Make provision for the Spirit” and the spiritual side of your life. Put as much effort and planning into providing spiritual refreshment, time alone with the Lord, time with the Word, time for the SPIRIT to move within you heart and mind within your holiday as you do for all the other things. How you do this will have various answers depending on differing circumstances. Do you take a Bible on Holiday with you? Do you set time aside to read it? Do you use some of the time to have fellowship with your spouse? Do you set aside more time than usual for Prayer? If possible do you plan to go to Church to have fellowship with believers? Do you refresh your mind spiritually by reading some good book of a challenging and inspiring nature?

You can see where I am going, so answer these questions for yourself and be truthful and if you find yourself wanting in respect to providing things spiritual then make amends and change direction and make a new start in this respect.

© Jeff Maxwell 2011



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