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And those that have the first fruits here, if they be in a state of growth,  that they desire to grow better continually, they shall, no question, come to the perfection ; for God will not lose his beginnings. Where he gives earnest, he will make up the bargain.
Therefore let us all that know a little what these things are by the revelation of the Spirit, let us be glad of our portion. For God that hath begun, he will surely make an end….

If the light that we are brought into here be admirable, great (we are brought out of darkness into admirable wonderful light), if the light of grace be so wonderful to a man that comes out of the state of nature, as it is indeed (a man comes out of a damp into a wonderful clear light), what then is the light of glory ! …….

What love ! He could not tell what, it is so admirable ; and to know the love of God, that is above all knowledge ! Who can comprehend the love of God, that gave his Son ! Who can comprehend the excellency of Christ’s gift ! The joys of heaven by Christ, and the misery of hell, from which we are delivered and redeemed by Christ ! These things come from the gospel, and the spring from whence they come is the large and infinite and incomprehensible love of God……..

Behold what love ! If God have so loved flesh and blood, poor dust and ashes, so as to be heirs of heaven, and of such glory as eye sees not, nor cannot in this world ; nor ear hears not ; nor hath entered into the heart of man, till we come fully to possess them ; let us labour to admire the love of God herein……

And labour to know more and more our inheritance, as we grow in years, as children do. They search into the great matters their parents leave them, and the nearer they come to enjoy them, the more skill they have to talk of them. So should we : the more we grow in Christianity and in knowledge, the more we should be inquisitive after those great things that our Father hath provided in another world……

Richard Sibbes
Works Vol 4 page 174
Extracted by Jeff Maxwell 2011



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