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A sense of guilt and condemnation.

You are a sinner; you have lived careless and unconcerned about God, never having been in earnest about the business of religion; or your own conscience tells you, that you have many sins of commission and omission to answer for. Try yourself by God’s Commandments. You have broken them all; and, if you have lived carelessly, have been in constant breach of them.

Do you believe yourself to be a sinner, your own heart convincing you ?

You deserve to die; and this whatever your conduct has been; for the wages of all and any sin is death. God is a just and righteous God and King, who will not suffer the breach of his law to go unpunished; and this punishment is eternal death.

Do you think that you deserve this death ?  Or, do you think that this spiritual death is prepared only for greater sinners than you ?

You cannot turn away this punishment. For, should you sin no more, your past sins would be your eternal ruin. Your best efforts will be imperfect; in the best day of your life, you are impure and defiled.

Do you think that you can put things right by doing better than you have done? Or do you see yourself as unable to help yourself, and in need of a pardon as a condemned criminal ?


A sense of your inability to do good.

Sin is your greatest enemy. It has consigned you to death, and made you unworthy before God; and especially it has made you unfit for heaven.

Have you an earnest desire to be free from sin ?

You have no power to cast sin off. Your inclinations are naturally evil; you cannot of yourself do good. God tells us this, and your own experience may tell you the same.

What sense have you of your hopeless condition ?


To show Christ’s sufficiency to save.

You see you are under two great evils; the wrath of God and the power of sin. Christ is able to relieve you from both, from God’s wrath, by the satisfaction of his Death, and from sin, by the power of his Grace.

Consider how great a task it is to satisfy God’s justice in place of man’s eternal punishment, and to work in the hearts of men to bring them to God. Observe the fitness of the Son and the Spirit as divine persons to undertake this.

Do you believe that Christ is able to save you from wrath and sin ? And on what do you base that expectation ?


Of coming to Christ, to obtain faith and repentance.

You must be deeply sensible and aware of your need of a Saviour in both these respects; i.e., to save you from WRATH and SIN, and that none other than Christ Jesus can save you.

Are you humbly sensible of your need of him ?

You must be willing that he should save you from WRATH and SIN too. He will not procure your pardon unless you are willing that he should save you from sin; i.e. you must be heartily tired of sin and desire to leave it.

Are you willing to trust yourself to him ? And are you willing that he should sanctify you as well as pardon you ?

Part of Second scheme of private instruction in the Christian religion.
By Samuel Walker of Truro, Cornwall. England. Printed in the Christian Guardian 1802 and quoted in “A Cornish Revival” by Tim Shenton
Now adapted by Jeff Maxwell September 2012


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