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This is a little late as I was away for a long weekend.

The Church is not a building it is the people of God.

Prayer for the week 4

 Our gracious, loving, heavenly Father we ask you to forgive us our sins and make us fit to worship you. We have sinned in thought, word, and deed and are in need of a continual washing in the precious blood of your Son Jesus Christ. We thank you that if any sin we have an advocate with the Father even Jesus Christ the Righteous.

Lord we would pray for your Church during this week, for the people of God, thy own children.We ask you that you would make your people among those who are poor in spirit, mourning over their sins, meek, hungering, thirsting after righteousness. O Lord may your children be merciful, peacemakers, the pure in heart.  

 Lord we pray for the officers of your Church, the Pastors, Elders and Deacons. We thank you for each of these who faithfully serve you, and tirelessly perform their duties in your strength alone.

 Lord for Pastors we ask that you would make them faithful in prayer, diligent in study, earnest in preaching, gentle in rebuke, wise in discipline, ready to comfort, understanding in guidance, decisive in leadership. We ask that they may be especially close to you, holy in life,  filled and led by your Spirit.

 For Elders we ask you to give them the wisdom they need to rule in your Church, help them in their family lives, that they may be those who lead by good example. Lord in difficult times and situations may they seek your face continually, support the Pastors, guide the people, be the blessing that you mean them to be for the Church.

 O Lord may the Deacons that you have appointed in the Church watch over the fabric and necessities of your Church with all diligence. May they use wisely the resources that you have put into their hands to care for the flock in material things as Pastors watch over their spiritual needs.

 Lord we particularly ask that if any local Church lack these officers that you would supply their needs and raise up those who will faithfully fulfil these duties before you.

Our Gracious God you have given your Church a role to play in this present evil world, help your people to be the salt of the earth and to let their light shine to your Glory. May your People Lord, go into all the world, to preach and live the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, to show by their lives and conversation that they are yours and that you are faithful.

Father as we close this our Prayer we ask that you will come quickly, we thank you for all your gifts to the Church, for your Holy Spirit poured  out, for  all officers, missionaries and workers but we ask Lord that the bride may no longer be separated from the Bridegroom. Lord let the trumpet sound, and bring your people and their Saviour together, never to be  parted. We ask this all in Jesus Precious name. Amen.

 © Jeff Maxwell 2012


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