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Prayer for the Week 7

Prayer for the week 7

 O Lord our God we are grateful and thankful for Your great goodness to us.

For our Salvation in Christ Jesus, for the Forgiveness of our sins, for Your presence at our side, for our Glorious Inheritance laid up in Heaven, for Your Word given to us, for Your Holy Spirit and His guidance, for our Brothers and Sisters in Christ, for Your  World in which we live, for our Homes, friends and families. We have O Lord so much to be truly grateful and thankful for.

O Lord God we are conscious that we are not always grateful enough and often forget to be mindful, thankful enough, for what You have done for us and what You give to us. Help us O Lord to seek to put this right in the coming week, to more conscientiously, more fully, give You the adoration of our hearts for Your Grace towards us.

This coming week Lord we would pray for those who are suffering. We are aware Lord that you are in control of all things, but you still allow suffering in this present evil world.  We do not however, as many, lay the blame at Your feet, but use these circumstances to draw near to you, to pray for those in any need, to support those who are in any trouble, to sympathise and encourage, to show our love because Your Son, Christ Jesus has done all theses things for us and He is our example.

Gracious God help us each one to bring by name those, known to us, who are suffering for whatever reason, those who suffer in their bodies, those who suffer in their minds and emotions, those who suffer by their circumstances in life, those who suffer for the Faith, those who suffer because of repressive governments and laws, those who suffer because of the evil  power at loose in this world. Lord teach us and help us to pray.

Our Father, our great and powerful God, we pray especially for your children who are  coming to the end of their earthly pilgrimage, who are going to die and come before Your very presence. We ask Lord that you will turn their minds away from the present weakness of their bodies. Remove from them any fearfulness of mind because of death, their final adversary. Give them patience in their trying circumstances, enable them to rise above them and concentrate their minds on You alone. Lord ease their eventual passing, let them, as they are able, to witness to your faithfulness and goodness to them through their lives whether they be long or short.

Father we are mindful that you can call for OUR presence before You at any time, prepare us for this, let us live in the light of this truth Lord, for so often we live as if we are going to live forever. Lord help us not to be forgetful of You, help us not to live carelessly, forgetting to give thanks, being by our practice ungrateful  of Your grace and Goodness to us.
Our gracious Father as we close our prayer, may we continue to pray, give us clean hands and a pure heart, for the effectual, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much, not because of our prayer, but because of you willingness to hear and answer. Amen.

 © Jeff Maxwell 2012



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