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My Spiders

My Spiders.

My spiders live on my motor bike. My spiders do not know me. Every night they spin webs from the handle bars to the mirrors. On days that I do not move my bike the webs remain to attempt to catch food and the spiders are spared, if they want, of spinning new webs.
However on days that I do ride my bike, the webs are destroyed. The spiders travel many miles with me but probably do not even know they have moved locations and entered entirely different environments, they remain true to their nature and spin new webs at night. If I ride again the next day, and I do, their world is turned upside down, the webs destroyed, again and again, yet they do not give up, they try and try again, to build the means to catch food. They had a load a babies, mini spiders with the same nature, who began to spin webs together.

Now location and circumstances do not change their nature.
They are creatures of habit, they do the same things.
They persevere against odds that are stacked against them.
They are unaware of my existence, they do not recognise or adapt to it.
Their offspring are of the same nature as themselves, they work together, using the same means, seeking the same ends.

Sinners are like these spiders, their nature is not changed by their location or circumstances. In every place and every circumstance they are sinners.
Sinners are creatures of habit, they are habitual sinners, they cannot change themselves, they always sin and will continue to do so.
Sinners persevere in their sins, although the odds are stacked against them achieving their desired aims.
Sinners are unaware of God’s existence, as a controlling power, able to change their location and circumstances. They do not change their actions in the light of this fact.
Sinners produce offspring, who are the same nature as themselves, have the same sinful habits, and work for the same self-centred ends, using the same sinful means.

What the spiders really need now is one who can put them back in their original situation, amongst the trees and bushes of the garden. Their natural habits will become fruitful.

What the sinner needs is to be returned to the same nature as their first parents in the garden before the fall. To be able to recognise and talk to the Highest Power. To live in the light of His Presence and live in accordance to His Laws. Habits need to remain but be transformed and used to the appointed end of the Highest Power. Perseverance needs to be used for the purpose it was intended. They need to recognise their intended end and use every means to move towards it. Their offspring need to go through the same rebirth or they will not have the same new nature as originally intended. Their whole being needs to become fruitful.

My friends consider my spiders and the lessons drawn from my observations of the sinners position and needs.

© Jeff maxwell 2013



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