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John Newton’s Works: A Recommendation.

John Newton’s Works: A Recommendation.

This is a great set of books including most of the Works of the Rev. John Newton.*
The 3rd Edition is now very collectable and not often seen complete.
The Banner of Truth Trust printed their edition from this 3rd edition printed in 1824.

* The life of the Rev. Mr. Grimshaw is omitted as the copy-right was in the hands of others.

You cannot read many of these letters and sermons without feeling that spiritually you have been fed and watered. They do good to your soul. The life of John Newton, first as a slave and then a Minister of the Gospel, is well-known, superficially, because not many have taken the time to read the whole of his life and circumstances.

Some of John Newton’s hymns are likewise well-known, take for instance “Amazing Grace” and “How sweet the Name of Jesus sounds” or “Glorious things of Thee are spoken” and “Sometimes a light surprises” but in the Olney hymns, written with William Cowper, there are 348 hymns of which William Cowper wrote 67 and the other 281 came from the hand of Newton himself. Many are unknown today but repay the time it takes to read them, abundantly.

There are within these volumes such tender gems, as when Newton writes “Letters to a wife”,   his wife !! , and says ” Oh! that it was possible for you to go with me where I go, to cheer and enliven me amidst fatigues and difficulties, without sharing  them ! How light would they seem to me! But I submit. At least, happen what may, it will give me pleasure to think that my better, dearer part, is in safety at home.

Many instructive hours can be spent reading Newton’s Cardiphonia (the utterance of the heart) and other letters, if you are like me, you will be able to identify and find a resonance with what he writes, often he bares his own heart, the inner working of his mind, the longings of his soul, and the spiritual battles that war within his breast, which at least, in my case, gives me an assurance that I am not travelling the narrow way alone, others have passed this way before, having similar experiences, and finding such sweet succour in Christ alone to answer their deepest spiritual needs.

May I heartily recommend you to own and read of the Works of the Rev. John Newton. J.M.

Memoir of the author.
41 Letters on religious subjects by OMNICRON and VIGIL
Cardiphonia or the Utterances of the Heart in the course of real correspondence.

Cardiphonia Continued.
Six Sermons (Or Discourses) as intended for the Pulpit
20 Sermons preached in the Parish Church at Olney.

A review of Ecclesiastical History
Book 1 The first period of Christianity
Book 2 The second period of Christianity
Olney Hymns  Books 1: 2 : 3

Fifty Sermons on Various subjects.

Apologia in four letters.
A Plan of Academical Preparation for the Ministry
A Monument of Praise of the Lord’s Goodness in the Memory of Dear Eliza Cunningham
Sermons 7 on various subjects.
Letters to a wife written during three voyages to Africa from 1750 to 1754.
Letters to a Wife written in England from 1755 to 1785.
7 Appendix’s

Letters intended to be a sequel to Cardiphonia (143 in all)
Miscellaneous Papers Extracted from periodical publications.

Ps. The Banner of Truth have now produced a 4 volume set which has been entirely reset, some archaic words updated, and notes added. It also includes Newton’s Authentic Narrative in which he tells the story of many remarkable events in his life, in fourteen letters to his friend Rev. T. Haweis of Northamptonshire.

© Jeff Maxwell 2017


Prayer and John Bunyan

Prayer and John Bunyan

John Bunyan wrote several books dealing with prayer and they are well worth reading today even though there is a multitude of modern books written on prayer. We should not despise those written by saints of old especially by those who suffered so much for standing for the faith once delivered to the saints.

I will pray with the Spirit and with the understanding

written in Bedford Jail, and published in 1662. It’s only 18 pages in the “Offer Edition Vol. 1 page 621.”  but a great Spiritual uplift and challenge.

It contains one of the best definitions of prayer, IMHO………

“Prayer is a sincere, sensible, affectionate pouring out of the heart or soul to God, through Christ, in the strength and assistance of the Holy Spirit, for such things as God has promised, or according to His Word, for the good of the Church, with submission faith to the will of God”

Bunyan splits this into 7 parts and expounds them scripturally in his little book on prayer.

The Banner of Truth Trust Published this work with another of his works on prayer called …

The Saints’ Privilege and Profit or the Throne of Grace which was published posthumously in 1692. Offer Edition Vol. 1 page 641 (Banner title “Prayer” 1965)

This book is based on Hebrews 4:16 “ Let us come therefore Boldly to the Throne of grace…… It distinguishes the Throne of Grace from other Thrones, it shows who may come there and how we are to approach the throne of Grace. It give us motives for coming, it finally give us its Use and Application by way of conclusion.

Christ a Complete Saviour  is also in Vol.1 (page 202) of the “Offer Edition 1859”

It deals with intercession of Christ. Its benefits, the persons interested in His intercession, the certainty of their reaping the benefits, and of course its Uses and Application.

A fourth book of Bunyan which deals with Prayer is

A Discourse on the Pharisee and Publican  Offer Edition 1859 Vol. 2 page 215.

It considers the persons in the text –the Pharisee and the Publican, it then considers separately both of their prayers and a five-part conclusion drawing warnings from the nature of their prayers.

The Banner of Truth Trust reprinted the Offer Edition in three Volumes and it is still available at £65. The original are still available, but at a price, I have a spare set if you are interested please mail me.

© Jeff Maxwell 2011

Holiday Reading

Hi All,
While on holiday I managed to read three books. I greatly enjoyed reading Faith Cooks “Fearless Pilgrim” A life and evaluation of John Bunyan’s writings.
I have read some of his writings other than Pilgrims progress, and have them all in the 3 vol “Offer” Edition.
Bunyan was born in 1628 and lived to 1688 but died before William and Mary replaced Charles the 2nd. So Bunyan’s life covers a turbulent and most interesting period of history. I highly recommend reading this book and it should inspire you to read more of Bunyan’s works and make you realise that in terms of “cost” our stand for the Faith once delivered to the Saints, is very low in the Uk today, whereas the cost to Bunyan and his family was immense.
O may we be as faithful as he and fully use the oportunities that God gives us day by day.

The other two books were “A City not Forsaken” A History of Christian witness in Gower Street and Shaftesbury Avenue in London UK by R Stonelake which is a history of the Strict Baptist witness there.

Lastly was “Fire Within” the moving autobiography of Wu Yung in Taiwan. Which I thought was a well balanced book although would not be able to agree with everything advocated in it.
©Jeff Maxwell

SONG OF SOLOMON : James Durham

John Owen wrote a commendatory letter (printed in this commentary) speaking highly of this work.
C H Spurgeon said " Durham is always good, and he is at his best upon the Canticles. He gives the essence of the good matter. For practical use this work is perhaps more valuable than any other Key to the Song."
Durham treats this Song as an allegory of Christ and the Church. I find that this is a great commentary to read devotionally as it is full of Christ and our relationship to Him.
This is not a dry technical commentary in any way.
This Banner book is at present out print so only available on the second hand market. If you see it, buy it, read it, for it will do your soul good.
Please note that the dust jacket pic at Anobii is different on this copy as they have the later reprint covers and not this 1st Banner of Truth printing.
Just added to my "for sale Booklist" but not yet appearing in the file above
Also coming
John Gill  : Song of Solomon
John Calvin : Sermons Timothy and Titus
William Greenhill : Ezekiel
Richard Rogers : Judges
John Calvin :  Sermons on Dueteronmy
© Jeff Maxwell 2010


Calvin’s Commentaries and Works

 C H Spurgeon considered them of priceless value.
I have the Baker 22 volume set on my shelf and highly prize them.
It’s good to be able to turn to them and have them to hand.

Many have been the promoters of Calvin’s commentaries, but may I also add that the Sermons of Calvin when, they can be obtained, offer another aspect of the mans ‘greatness’ in the hands of God.
They show a different side to him and balance out his teachings.

For a lucid presentation of his theology one should turn his Institutes of Christian Religion written firstly when he was young and revised a number of times through his life and are very readable.

For historical value one can also read his Tracts and Letters. Put altogether he was a man greatly used of God and a man who was constantly engaged in the work of God.

No man is perfect and there are facets of him which we should avoid and were no doubt because he was ‘a child of another age’ of which many are now unfamiliar.


© Jeff Maxwell

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