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Prayer for the week 8

Prayer for the week 8

Almighty and Eternal God, we desire to praise Your Holy Name, for graciously raising us up, in soundness of body and mind to see the light of this new week.

We bless You on the behalf of all Your creatures; for the eyes of all look to You, and You give them their food in due season. But, above all, we acknowledge the inestimable benefits given to mankind in Christ Jesus. We thank You for His miraculous birth, for His most Holy life, His bitter agony and death, for His glorious resurrection, His ascension into heaven, His triumph over all the powers of darkness, and His sitting at Your right hand for evermore.

O God, how great was Your love to the sinful sons of men!

O the riches of Your Grace in sending the Holy Spirit, to make us abound in hope, that we shall rise one day from the dead, and after our short labours here, rest with You in  eternal glory.

We would begin this week in devout meditation, in joy unspeakable, and in such blessing and praising You, who have given us good hope and everlasting consolation. Lift up our minds above all the little things below, which are apt to distract our thoughts; and keep our thoughts  above those things, till they are fully bent to seek You and the WAY which Jesus has gone before.

We are ashamed, O Lord, to think that we have disobeyed You, who redeemed us by the precious blood of Your own Son. O that we may agree with Your Will in all things! May all the powers of our souls and bodies be wholly dedicated to Your service! We desire unreservedly that all the thoughts and designs of our minds, all the affections and tempers of our hearts, and all the actions of our lives, may be pure, holy, and unreprovable in Your sight.

Search us, O Lord, and prove us. Look well if there be any wicked way in us and lead us in the way everlasting. Let Your favour be better to us than life itself; so that in all things we may approve our hearts before You, and feel the sense of Your acceptance of us, giving us a joy which the world cannot give.

O Lord, hear us, and make Your face to shine upon us, that we may enter into Your gates with thanksgiving and into Your courts with praise; that we may be thankful unto You and bless Your Name, for Jesus Christ’s sake, and so we conclude our imperfect prayer.

John Wesley
From page 50-51 of John Wesley’s Prayers Edited by F C Gill 1959.

Edited, adapted, and modernised by Jeff Maxwell ©2012


I have 12 all dated from the early 1800’s.

The bindings are in various conditions but the text blocks are firm.

Please ask for years and prices.

If you are interested in a year (or several) I will send you a full description of the book and photo if required.



Pictures shows sample books as I no longer have these years as they were snapped up.

I have  1801  1802  1803  1804  1811  1812  1816  1823 

1847  1855 (2 vols)*  1858  1862 (2 vols)*   



*Parts 1 and 2 Jan Dec.


O Lord, let us not live to be useless for Christ’s Sake. Amen 

Rev. John Wesley 1703


O Lord our God, our heavenly Father, our dearest and most trusted friend; we come into your presence this morning to pray for the coming week.

We desire to be in your presence moment by moment, to worship, and glorify you in a way that is acceptable to you, through the Lord Jesus Christ.

We thank you for the forgiveness of our sins during the past week and ask for preservation from sin in the new week.

We ask you to enable us to be profitable servants of you, the Most High God. To live for and serve you in everything that we do. To look for opportunities to make you known and to promote the Kingdom of God.

Lord, often, we are unable through constraints of circumstances to speak for you, let us then speak boldly and loudly by our Godly Christ Like lives, so that all that we meet may come under the influence of the Living Word of God.

Lord we remember that all who will Godly live in Christ Jesus will suffer persecution so we pray for those who are suffering because of this. We ask that you will strengthen their resolve and comfort their hearts in every situation.

Lastly O Lord we thank you for our families, especially the household and family of God, of which we are members because of our relationship with your Son Jesus Christ. Help us to fulfil all our responsibilities and be positive, helpful and reliable children of God who inspire others to walk closely with our Saviour.

© Jeff Maxwell 2012
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